With Eight360’s NOVA, we provide a configurable, untethered motion platform that can simulate an unlimited range of vehicles in immersive virtual environments so you can race with extreme precision and high granular control.

Train as you race. Anytime, anywhere.

NOVA provides flexibility for 1:1 instrumentation fit-out so muscle memory can build that can translate from NOVA to real world application.

Easily deploy and setup in any operation.

Configurable controls, modular transportable design, and integrated logistics support methodology built into every part; NOVA falls into a TRL 6 rating and can be broken down and setup within half an hour.

Eight360 nova

NOVA is a cost effective, next generation, full 360°, portable virtual reality motion platform.


Cockpits and controls are designed to operate on the same software simulation package, completely synchronized motion.

Incredibly Mobile

Space saving 6½’ (2m) cubic footprint design, NOVA is mission ready out of the box and can be set up within 30 minutes.

Integrated Logistics

Integrated Logistics Support is built right into the development of every part of NOVA.

Providing Simulations
Our engineers are experts in building robust mechatronics, reliable networking, immersive training platforms and other simulation-based products.
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