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NOVA is a revolution in immersive simulation platforms.

Designed to be practical, portable, convenient and customisable, NOVA enables you to deliver sensational experiences and safety-critical training on demand - anywhere, anytime.
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engineering reality.

we are making the real world obsolete

NOVA is a “virtual vehicle” - able to put you inside a realistic VR environment, but also recreate the necessary sensations to go with it. Combining the latest in immersive reality systems with a unique design allowing full 360 flips and spins, the platform delivers a more immersive and visceral experience, leading to better engagement and learning outcomes.

Whether you are maneuvering heavy equipment in unusual situations, practicing your off-road handling skills to avoid a rollover, or learning to land an aircraft in a windy location, NOVA can put you in the driver’s seat.

"The experience in Eight360 NOVA...
as real as it gets without eating sand."
- Scott, I/ITSEC 2021

real. serious. global.

nova is enabling a new generation of immersive experiences and applications.


We are working with Solution Integrators in USA, Australia, and worldwide to develop and deliver tailored training solutions for defense customers.

We have an established partnership with New Zealand Defence Force enabling innovation in their delivery of safety-critical training for heavy vehicle operators and off-road drivers.

NOVA supports existing flightsim packages including Xplane, DCS:World, and MSFS2020.


Improve situational awareness with a fully immersive environment and wide motion envelope, and gain that seat-of-the-pants feeling.

NOVA is perfect for targeted interventions and specific high-value training exercises such as helicopter hover and autorotation training, and GA aircraft manoeuver rehearsal, unexpected upset recovery, or cross-wind landings.


The unique capabilities of the NOVA platform make it valuable as a research tool and it is being used internationally by university groups.

Use-cases include vehicle training and testing, immersive experience and UX design, human interface research, developing unique psychology experiments, and as a design tool for aerospace and aeronautical engineering.

Promoting Etisalat 5G at the GITEX Tech Expo in Dubai


NOVA's distinctive spherical design and futuristic aesthetic make it an extremely effective way to grab attention and showcase your brand or technology at expos and events.

With support for many existing PC games and simulation packages, and easy custom content development, you can deliver a themed experience like nothing else.

"This system and its capabilities present almost unbounded opportunity to solve training and skills development needs"
- Neil Hygate, NZTE Defence Expert

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