Eight360's New Nova VR Motion Simulator Is Fully Rollable and Untethered

February 22, 2019
April 29, 2020
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Eight360, a New Zealand-based industrial designing and VR company, has introduced its fully untethered Nova VR Motion Simulator. The Nova places its user into a fully rollable transparent ball that is able to spin in any direction, lending full immersion toward any compatible virtual reality content, including several PC games and simulators.

This 1,100-pound motion simulator doesn’t just recreate tilt angles, it also imitates the sensation of acceleration, deceleration, turning forces, bumps, and even crashes. As of now, the Nova is only compatible with games like X-Plane, DCS World, Virtual Battle Sim 3, Dirt Rally, iRacing, and Project Cars without introducing new modifications.

According to Eight360 founder/CEO Terry Miller, don’t expect to see the simulator on the market any time soon. “We’re looking to lease them as hardware as a service model,” said Miller in a discussion with NewAtlas. “With ongoing maintenance and upgrades. It’ll be on the order of  $150k USD a year. So heavy, yeah.”

By Isaac Rouse, HypeBeast